The wonderful flexibility of working from home

One of my long-term goals is to be stretchier with more core strength. 

So, now that I work from home I have a bit more flexibility with where and how I work.  Last week I rotated between standing up, standing on a bosu ball, and sitting down to work.

Today I am adding into the mix two things: sitting in a floor in one of many stretch positions for multiple minutes at a time and sitting on a stability ball.

The stability ball wanted to roll out from under me on those nice wooden floors.  That... was almost highly entertaining. :) Thankfully I did not end up landing on the floor but the gymnastics it took to get up would have been great sitcom material.

One of the things I've read is that you can gain flexibility by sitting in stretch for a long enough time that you relax into them and teach your muscles that it's safe to do so.  I got that idea from reading the first part of Relax Into Stretch.  Now that I work from home there's no reason to not sit upon the floor in a basic stretch allowing my body to relax into it while my brain is busy with other things.

Doing so is also a great core workout as I have to activate my core to stay upright and in the stretch position.

The stability ball is more for my core.

Ultimately, while I am working on a regular exercise routine, I am also trying to integrate different approaches to how I move/not move around the house.  It is something of multi-tasking exercise and work.  Set myself into a position I want to be comfortable and allow my body to relax into it while I work.  Switch it up every 5-10 minutes and stay symmetrical.  Make sure to stand, move, etc.

We'll see how this works.  It feels like a "lazy" way to incorporate some of the needful into my day while I am doing other things.

It's an experiment. :)

All this space!!! What to do?!

I live alone again. That has been an adjustment.  My psychiatrist said it was a period of mourning - normal grief.  

I am beginning to feel a lot more like myself!

But I am still living alone in this huge freaking house.  And I have decided to stay here for a few more years while I figure out my life and get some ROI out of the investments I've put into the house.

So what do I want to do with all of this space?  First I need to figure out what I want to do in general!

The crazy thing here is that I have enough room to set up dedicated spaces for all of these. But first... is this everything?!  At least the big categories?! 

Quick things I need to do regardless of activity:

From there I'll have the entire loft to spread out to.  I have some ideas about how to allocate space for my activities - I want to get a clear idea of my wants here first.  I have never gone about "designing" this way.  It's fun!!!

Can you think of some fun things that I might be interested in  at least for tinkering? Please comment and share your thoughts!

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I am torturing my post op dog. He won't put it away! Lol.

The tongue shall stay out.

Milton is at the vet so Elka has the run of the house. She was sleeping in my office while I worked. Noticed she wasn't there so went to check. She stole my seat in the couch!! Grrrrr. I love this dog. :)

My work outfit for today. Started at 6:45am. I love today. ❤️❤️

I can see!!!! My glasses are here!! Yay!!!!


My view from my 'bed' in the sunroom. 🎶😊