on the edge

she stood upon the ledge 
looking over the world 
her toes flittered over the edge 
grasping on her toes curled

against the danger of the fall 
bigger things were coming 
against the danger of it all 
bigger things were coming

her eyes closed, against the danger 
seeing clearly now she panicked 
her thoughts flew, her life a stranger 
unrecognizng the past, the future

manic, damaged

her hands reach out 
seeking a guide 
finding the air, emptiness astride 
her hands reach out

her body trembles for the fear 
of a life, with noone near 
her hands reach out 
seeking a guide 
but find noone willing to care

she shifts her feet slightly forward 
her eyes open, peering out 
the world above, below, in tune 
except for her, alone so soon.

she reaches out to find her way 
noone to tell, no way to say 
that if she could, delivered now 
have the chance, her debt she’d pay

she reaches out 
the empty air grasps 
her eyes close 
the wind whips her hair 
her dress wraps around her 
the sand enrapt 
she reaches out 
to find her way

but noones there, only she 
and noones there, not even she 
to understand, to hear, to be 
to come 
to close 
her hands 
and free to be 
to make 
to love

to see.

open eyes 
open heart 
open mind 
open sound 
open thought

she steps forward