It’s been a bit… incoming foster pup?!

I seem to have a 9 month old, female Newfoundland foster incoming. Owner surrender. I don’t think I’ve fostered a direct owner surrender before – that presents more opportunities for information, which is neat.

She may be here tomorrow? Still figuring it out. There are some comms challenges with the current owner to figure out and the dog is about 1.5 hours away.

Once this dog arrives, my life will get 4x harder than it is now. Maybe 10x.

I think this is the first time I’ve been nervous about a new foster.

But… also ready. Crate is up, picking up bones & toys today. Enjoying the downtime I get at the moment.

Eclipse has BIG challenges with other dogs, but also loves them. My goal is to offer a loving landing spot for this displaced girl while also discovering if Eclipse and I want a permanent, second dog.

Eclipse is dog selective, and this girl may be a bit reactive. This event will require very slow introductions and careful time taken.

I’m ready. I’ve worked with Eclipse’s trainer on this plan. The rescue group has a Plan B foster if the dogs flat hate each other.

So my life will be Hard Mode for a bit. Hopefully a joyful hard mode. And… for awhile.


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