Fitness goals: a moving target

Me 10 years ago, 25lbs heavier.

This came up on Facebook today, a memory from 10 years ago. hohum. Now, I weigh 25lbs less than I did in this photo.

And I keep going to the plus-size section. Like, not thinking. That’s just…. where I go when I walk into the stores. I don’t read, or look at sizes – I … find myself there. Then have to stop and go somewhere else.

when I look at clothing that will fit me, it looks like it has way too little fabric.

I don’t see the changes in the mirror. I don’t see the changes until I look at old photos.

and this weekend I returned to lifting heavy things (working on progressive overload) and am super sore. I’m still at 33% or something body fat, so it’s a bit early to do a proper body recomposition – but muscle burns fat, so I’m trying to do a combo of cut fat + build muscle. My current goals are to get real muscle definition: not looking to be super bulky to compete, but I want to see real muscles everywhere. Goal right now is 25% body fat, but I’d like to be lower body fat so that any “higher weight” comes from muscles.

Not doing CrossFit – f that. I got into it in 2010, by 2016 it was considered a cult. It’s super dangerous and stupid. I hate racing. I’d rather do slow, heavy lifts with the best possible form. not sure how I thought “speed-Olympic-lifting” could be a safe thing to do, but it did help me without injury for a while – definitely avoiding that trap now, though, that I know better.

Instead, I’m doing this in short, 10-20 min sessions. Usually, ~3 sets of 6-12 reps each, aiming to lift to muscle failure. These are short and intense, and I can do 2-3 a day very easily, on a work break, even. And for now, on my own – but as I lift heavier, I may engage a personal trainer 1x/week. I’m still at a stage where I can make a lot of progress alone.

Not doing any cardio – only what happens when I walk Eclipse or during these strength training sessions.

Enjoying the new routine!


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