Starting Strong

I felt depressed & anxious earlier today. We started work on a new memory in EMDR yesterday and while I felt great before therapy, I crashed soon after getting home, and that crash had continued into today.

But…. I’ve been generating a plan to end my fasts by lifting heavy things, then having a protein filled meal. I rested this morning, thinking I’d skip it and be lazy. Depression speaking.

So I got off my ass and at 15h50min into my fast, I started lifting heavy things.

1.5 hours later (54 minutes of working out, rest periods, etc.) with my muscles feeling like jello, I broke my fast on this delicious egg scramble w/ smoked salmon. I happened upon Gordon Ramsey’s instructions for making scrambled eggs (in a sauce pan!!) and have been obsessed with scrambled eggs since. Though I don’t use the cream fresh, maybe I’ll try that later.

And 51g of protein in my meal – critical after what I just put my muscles through.

The results: I feel amazing. The workouts were hard but for some reason, I feel more energetic after the first 1-2 sets and feel able to push harder. I don’t feel depressed now, more… curious. What will I do with the rest of the day?

And very proud of myself for pushing through. 💪

But meeting my protein requirements for this plan is very, very hard on “real food” — so I have protein powder and a Magic Bullet blender coming tomorrow. I am planning on a hefty investment of Vitamix, but I am going to start with this $40 thing to make sure I use it regularly. This can do smoothies, the Vitamix can make anabolic ice cream. Smoothies first. Definitely looking forward to making the anabolic ice cream, too.

It’s a good day. So often the day after EMDR feels impossibly hard; but, lifting heavy things is proving very beneficial in helping with the recovery & processing, while feeling “human.”


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