Next phase: recomp. A li’l bit scared.

I’ve been trying to figure out what my food should look like in this next phase. I’ve run through a bunch of calculators and they’re all very close.

Pictured is what I entered in MyFitnessPal for my new goals.

Macro Goals

Mind you, I’ve been maintaining a 1200 calorie diet for years now – that is currently ~450 calorie deficit to cut fat. As you can see below, I’ll be eating substantially more, a LOT more on workout days, maintaining on rest days.

I don’t know if I can get to 2060 calories. I’m confident that I can’t get there today. I just had dinner which puts me at 1150 calories o.O – I’ve planned a post-workout chocolate peanut butter, protein shake for this evening before I start my fast.

Even today I’ll be at 1500 trying to eat more.

Let me back up. I can get to a 5000 calorie day and did so 5 days of my last cycle (I was 7 days late). But we’re talking about a medium pizza, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, ice cream. I can probably get to 10k if I start early and drink some calories, too. I can do that and not feel sick. Oh boy can I binge! SUGAR!!

But that’s not what I’m talking about here. Getting 2060 calories that involve 150g of protein? Protein makes ya feel full for a very, very long time. The food I’m eating is veryy filling what feels like forever.

And if I’m being honest with myself, I am straight up scared of gaining weight. Ultimately there will be gains both in muscle and fat, I’ll have to do a fat cut phase again in the future. But I also need to feed the muscles that I’m working so hard.

I’m 153lbs, 32.9% body fat today. If my body fat goes in the wrong direction then I will make some modifications. Possibly lifting more, possibly cutting back on food a bit. Right now my goal is generally to lose fat and gain muscle. That’s a hard one, but whatever.

I’m here for it.

And I will continue fasting. Which yes, makes it harder to get more food in. But it also gives my body a break to process insulin, go through more autophagy ,, and generally give my digestive system a rest. The fasting will be more for mental clarity, to avoid diabetes, to drop my cholesterol, and because it’s freaking cheaper and easier than eating all the time. Food is $$$ and requires cleaning up after. Crikey, what a pain!

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