I’ve been pondering, introspecting, wondering.

I’ve learned many lessons in the last few years. Here are a few on my mind this morning:

  1. Words said in anger are truth. Anger grants us the energy and courage to speak those harder truths
  2. What’s in the parenthesis is often more important than what’s outside of them

Pay attention.

New life

Venturing out, green, red, orange. The smell. Soil.

Fire and ice. Inside outside. All around.

Foliage, hanging. Growing, Weeping.

Our hearts, growing, weeping, hanging …

Out. Vulnerable. That thing that they said you weren’t, then used against you.

Now safe. Open.

Dancing like the fire, woman-flames, naked, weaving, warming, burning, destroying.

Old and new, created. Fire, the destroyer and creator.

A story some day. They walk through the rubble, fresh, green shoots up through cracked concrete.

That one way, life. Chernobyl.

Pushing against our own destruction.