• RIP Milton 💔
    A few days ago I posted about my Elka’s passing. She passed on Friday, December 17th surrounded by her family. I […]
  • RIP Elka 🌈💔
    Last week was a good week. By that I mean that all of the days on Elka’s calendar were green. Thursday, […]
  • A shape a day…
    Well, maybe not each day…. I’ve been playing with this piece now for months. Randomly adding a shape or two and […]
  • Mysteries
    Sometimes I hear a sound that does not make sense. It continues. Where is the sound? WHAT is the sound? Then […]
  • Fasted chicken legs
    Break An egg? An omelette? Ham or peppers? Fast Waffles Insulin spiked Those chips of chocolate Chai spice 16 hours OMAD? […]
  • Pathways of notes
    This wind Of wood reed Used to be me, dancing Together My first of many Notes scattering from fingers, the octave […]
  • Homesick
    Teenager. Green, gold. MUDs, EQ, and love. And back, Red. White. Blue. Blue? Me too. For some time. Then school. A […]
  • The loss of innocence
    2010. Innocent. Evil? Overcomable. Changeable. Growth. Health. Happiness. Comfort. On top of the world. Best days of a life. Success. Evil? […]
  • Cherries trampling progress
    Another run, another day, another page, another way. What does it mean? Cherry Trampling rampling Ramping Moving Fruiting Another jump, another […]
  • Gazing
  • Automatic Drawing
  • Automatic Drawing
  • Automatic drawing
  • Memories
    Memories. Of greener pastures. Of things left behind, not cherished… And now missed. New memories, To hold dear.
  • The Joy of Being Alone
    This social distancing is making me realize how unusual I am. I’m happy, content, even joyful. I’m *home*. I have food, […]
  • Sometimes, a fresh start is all we need
    Stuck sucks. Beat down, scratched up, dirty, and worn out. Thankfully, colors abound, and a new outlook can change one’s world. […]
  • Swirling
    Swirling effortlessly. Clouds and brushstrokes. A mess of colors, come together. Blend. Dots, pulled. A mess. A hair. A little bit […]
  • Lessons
    I’ve been pondering, introspecting, wondering. I’ve learned many lessons in the last few years. Here are a few on my mind […]
  • Circles everywhere
    Circles and loops and forms and Triangles What? Patterns. The more I review, the more I see. How did I not […]
  • New life
    Venturing out, green, red, orange. The smell. Soil. Fire and ice. Inside outside. All around. Foliage, hanging. Growing, Weeping. Our hearts, […]
  • Tumbling, tumbling
    Wildflowers through snow. Tumbling, dogs. Slippery slides. 3″? 4″? Den, slide, roll, play, munch. A million miles an hour, stop. Breathe. […]
  • Sanctuary stuff storage
    Storing stuff. So sanctuary. Ten things, once. Upon a midnight dreary. Tick tock. Tigers singing, screaming, clawing. Friends, still there, but […]
  • Plumbed out crickets
    Plugging away in the plumbed out space. Parties peering through the memories. Another wasted year. Cauliflower crickets call charmingly. Creating cacophonous […]
  • 2020
    Well, it is now the new year. It’s also Wednesday. I have two meetings today. Inviting in a new year is […]
  • That one New Year’s resolution
    For a bunch of years, I had promised myself I wouldn’t move into the next year tethered to the same people. […]
  • Transitioning
    I am in a strange place. Not a physical thing – mental, emotional, spiritual? For such a long time I was […]
  • Life is amazing.
    I don’t know why I am writing here again. But also… why not? Life changes so quickly – and sometimes, not […]


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