Civic Technologies, Remote —Customer Service Manager – April 2019 – current

  • Manage level 1 customer team with strong focus on quality control and improvement
  • Implemented satisfaction rating and processes for handling ratings and responses
  • Implemented assessments and regular grading for improving Level 1 support team, bring our satisfaction rating up 15%
  • Ongoing improvements, processes, and documentation for Level 1 and Level 2 support
  • Handle escalations to Level 2 and work with devs (Level 3) as needed
  • Edit, improve, and build Knowledge Base
  • Zendesk Administration including metrics dashboards
  • Managing issues reported through support on a Jira board for triage to development teams, including working with Product Owners and running grooming meetings
  • Helping with planning support for initial app roll-out
  • Research projects as needed, including for user acquisition and support improvements
  • Liaise between support, operations, and product for ongoing feedback and app improvements

Appointlet, Remote — Customer Service Manager – April 2016 – April 2018

  • Managed and handled incoming responses for all incoming support enquiries via Intercom
  • Decreased initial and follow-up response times to 2-4 business hours from 24 business hours
  • Worked with marketing to create and maintain the blog including primary content creation for customer showcase interviews and product announcements
  • Created and documented Standard Operating Procedure as well as new employee onboarding (based on my onboarding as 3rd team member)
  • Ran B2B sales demos of Appointlet
  • Ran B2B and B2C training and support calls for medium-Enterprise level customers
  • Managed the Knowledge Base including two software migrations, re-writing older articles, expanding new articles, re-categorization, and copy-editing
  • Introduced illustrated GIFs, produced in Camtasia, as part of product support for tickets and the knowledge-base. Created and added these to all step-by-step guides reducing incoming customer enquiries and improving self-service support.
  • Identification of potential growth customers for escalation to marketing and sales. Later helped with negotiations for medium-Enterprise customers.
  • Created the voice for support focusing on connection, empathy, patience, and empowering successful customers.
  • Handled all customer service tasks including refunds, ownership changes, and onboarding.
  • Reduced support-related churn by 5%
  • Researched software, identified, negotiated for, and setup two Knowledge Bases after outgrowing Uservoice

New Relic, Portland, OR — Community Manager – June 2014 – April-20016

  • Grew the online support community to 10x its original membership base Tripled the number of regularly contributing community members.
  • Rolled out multiple campaigns to recognize community members including featured posts, personalization options, and contests
  • Created voice guidelines for community interactions and trained support engineers in using this voice
  • Rolled out Connecting For Success – a training program to train support team members on relationship building and empathy in customer support
  • Led the adoption, setup, and training of Social Studio for Twitter management
  • Initiated, managed, and rolled out a reputation system for our online forums running Discourse
  • Created programs to regularly involve Product Management and Engineering in our community leading to a more engaged community and more informed teams across New Relic
  • Rolled out a community onboarding plan
  • Built the Community Commitment Curve and related reporting
  • Worked with our data analysts to build reports to help identify community successes, growth, and pain points to address

Intel, Hillsboro, OR — Community Manager – October 2013-December 2013 (Contract)

  • Championed the Agile/Lean Community of Practice of 15,000 members
  • Researched, collated, and shared content relevant to our community
  • Assisted in Event coordination and marketing for the Agile Lean Developer Conference
  • Participated in a SenseMaker pilot
  • Developed safe-to-fail and fail-fast experiments for marketing campaigns around the SenseMaker pilot
  • Participated in “Train the Trainer” workshops to analyze the aggregated data from our story collection and to determine patterns and analyze if the pilot was an effective way to move forward with sensing activities.
  • Learned about and discussed how to apply Cynefin to our complex environment to help with decision making and initiatives
  • Facilitated and lead the Agile Coaching Network and Oregon Coaching Circle calls.
  • Took minutes during coaching calls and edited them into a story for the community
  • Interviewed community members in order to determine how to uplift, engage, and grow the Agile Community of Practice
  • Reviewed and edited case studies
  • Documented in story form a 2 day Agile Release Train Release Planning Session to share the learnings back with the community
  • Piloted Jive as a social media connection for the Agile community
  • Created digital signs for marketing initiatives around Intel campuses
  • Arranged and facilitated local face-to-face Agile gatherings
  • Content creation of tutorials, announcements, and other communication initiatives both internally and externally

Pixel & Tonic, Remote — VP of Support and Community – October 2012 – May 2013

  • Managed Social Media strategy and engagement
  • Created and edited end-user documentation and tutorials
  • Supported and built Craft’s budding community
  • Created Support Policy and Processes
  • Advised on Operational Policy and Processes
  • Support and Sales

EllisLab, Remote — VP of Operations – 2004-2012

  • Multiple promotions from Moderator through Support, Director, and VP positions
  • Adopted and rolled out Agile Scrum to Engineers, Support, and later the Executive Team
  • Created and maintained reporting chains
  • Spearheaded new Education initiative including curriculum development and content creation
  • Coordinated EECI conference tickets, education day, PR, interviews, and surrounding events
  • Build out of all support processes and voice for both our support and sales teams
  • Implemented and documented processes for inter-departmental project coordination and company Master Backlog
  • Supervised and coached Directors for Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources operations for hiring and firing
  • Created, documented, and supervised new internship program
  • Researched, selected, and implemented Travel Agency management via Egencia, including Travel Policies
  • Identified and conducted interviews for the ExpressionEngine Showcase
  • Incoming telephone sales support
  • Tracked and managed staff hour, shifts, and productivity including performance reviews
  • Created, coordinated, and edited documentation and outreach for community relations initiatives


Smith College, Northampton, MA — English Language & Literature – 2005-2007

  • Participated on the Honor Board representing the Ada Comstock Scholars

Lisa Wess


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