I’ve been pondering, introspecting, wondering.

I’ve learned many lessons in the last few years. Here are a few on my mind this morning:

  1. Words said in anger are truth. Anger grants us the energy and courage to speak those harder truths
  2. What’s in the parenthesis is often more important than what’s outside of them

Pay attention.

Plumbed out crickets

Plugging away in the plumbed out space. Parties peering through the memories.

Another wasted year. Cauliflower crickets call charmingly. Creating cacophonous collages.

In another dimension, frogs. Bats. Water aflame.

Wandering down the twisted path. Straight, straight, down.

Up, what is down? Sideways angles. Take this turn, then this other one. End up right back at the beginning.

But is it? The beginning has ended. The beginning…. it ended when it began.

What about the ending? Does it begin when it ends? Does the end, end?

Snakes. Eating tails.

Bears, eating paws. Stuck in metal teeth. Mink.

Free writing. First learned in 2002? 2003?

A lifetime. A college. Two colleges. Many jobs. Two very wrong decisions.

Heart beats. Heartbeats. Hearts beating.

What if the beating stops?

Tick. Tick. Tick.

A clock ticks. A beginning and an ending.

And a middle, no matter how short. Time passes. Time we can not see, smell, hear, or otherwise detect.

Passing through the fruit of the looms. Loins?

Choices, for one beginning to become another beginning it’s its own choices, decisions, beginnings, and endings.

And don’t forget the middle. The shades of grey. The extremes. The middle. The moderate.

Moderate? Moderation is for monks.

Monks. Meditation. Silence.


Then this thing.



Well, it is now the new year.

It’s also Wednesday. I have two meetings today.

Inviting in a new year is supposed to be such lofty times of goal setting, new hope, optimism, etc. Then in a few weeks, a majority of the universe (so it seems to me) is disappointed with themselves.

Maybe I’ve been isolating too much, because I haven’t seen any grand decade plans. Welcome to a new decade, too.

For me? My goal is to get through today. Simple, easy, and pretty much the same as every other day. If I can manage to do this for another decade, I’ll get to enjoy 2030, too.